Four Rooms

My place on Four Rooms came about when one of Channel 4's researchers visited my gallery in September 2009, I think they had heard through the grapevine that not only was I sublimely good looking but I also knew my "onions". I was approached to take a screen test to see how gorgeous or gruesome I looked in front of the camera. Of course I looked simply stunning and told them that they didn't need to waste time on a screen-test when all they needed was to put me in front of a mirror. Things moved on rapidly and in the mid 2010 we filmed the pilot and in the deepest mid-winter we started filming the actual series.

Four Rooms has broken the mold when it comes to TV coverage featuring antiques and collectibles and has delightfully shaken off the perceived fustiness of the industry. Dare I say that watching Four Rooms and then watching any of the current batch of Antique Programmes can be likened to watching Barcelona play football and then popping to see your local Sunday league runabout. That's why I joined the programme because I knew it was something very special.

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